PSD2 is here – so what now?

After the implementation of PSD2, many European banks are asking themselves: What next? Due to the still relatively small number of certified third-party providers, it is quite possible that the implemented PSD2 platform will remain unused. To change this, banks need to be proactive and drive the use of the implemented APIs.

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Data protection in open banking

With the advance of open banking, the issue of data protection is also becoming increasingly important: banks and their customers are often concerned that sensitive data could fall into the wrong hands. It is therefore important to understand how current open banking and PSD2 systems work and how they ensure that bank customers retain full control over their financial data.

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Mobile banking with new smartphone – log of an odyssey

Since my current smartphone shows clear signs of age, I bought the latest model of a well-known manufacturer from Cupertino. Thanks to modern technology the setup went smoothly and I enjoyed my new gadget. Everything was great – until the activation of my mobile banking apps threw me into a deep crisis.

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ubix2b – PSD2 in action

Implementing all PSD2 requirements in a secure and stable manner? This requires not only a good knowledge of the regulations, but also financially specific technical know-how. The example of ubix2b shows how the PSD2 directive can be technically implemented in such a way that a flexible basis for future open banking projects is created.

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identification was never so easy

Identification has never been so easy!

This spring we presented ubiID, an innovative application for simple but secure digital identification. In the meantime, a lot has happened: ubiID has a new look and offers an even better user experience. To digitally identify yourself has never been that easy!

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Digitale Vorreiter setzen auf ubichat

Die Hypothekarbank Lenzburg gilt als Bank mit technologischer Innovationskraft. Diesem Ruf wird die «Hypi» ein weiteres Mal gerecht und hebt ihr E-Banking mit ubichat aufs nächste Level. Durch das Conversational Banking von ubitec stärkt die «Hypi» so ihren digitalen Kundenservice ganz im Sinne ihrer Devise: Der Mensch steht im Zentrum, die Beratung wird durch digitale Technologien unterstützt.

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