ubitec wird UMB!

ubitec und meshTec verstärken UMB mit ihren erfahrenen Teams bei der Entwicklung von Software und auf dem Weg Richtung Cloud Native. Damit entsteht ein einzigartiges Schweizer Angebot zur ganzheitlichen Digitalisierung von Unternehmen, womit UMB ihr Markenversprechen «creating time» weiter vorantreibt. Sich nahtlos ergänzende Bereiche mit über 500 Kolleginnen und Kollegen machen sich so gemeinsam auf eine digital Journey in Richtung digitale Zukunft.

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Hooray, Conversational Banking is up and running – now what?

As the saying goes: after the launch is before the launch. But what needs to be done now that the first Messenger has been integrated into a company? Anyone who understands the concept of conversational banking knows that this is not simply a project that is completed with the go-live. It requires continuous further development so that both the company and the customers benefit from it in the long term.

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A conversational banking project must be implemented as a team.

Launch Conversational Banking – this is how it works!

There is one thing for sure: in the long term, hardly any financial services provider will be able to avoid the implementation of conversational banking. However, there are a few stumbling blocks to avoid along the way. To ensure that a company can launch conversational banking without any complications, here are six points to consider in advance. Then it will work out for sure with Messenger, Chatbot and Co.

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Conversational Banking in Reality

Technical developments often remain abstract at first and are not always immediately recognizable. This is also the case with conversational banking: everyone is talking about it, but what does it actually look like in reality? A closer look shows that conversational banking is already being used in many ways in Switzerland. Let yourself be inspired by successful examples with live chats, messengers, chatbots and voicebots for your own project and benefit from expert tips.

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The hands of women wearing white shirts are using social media o

Three reasons for Conversational Banking

Conversational banking is more than just the next buzzword: It enables financial service providers to optimize contact with their customers and communicate in a modern way at the same time. It’s a good way to hold your own against new trends like neobanks and stay on the cutting edge. But that’s not all: Here are three reasons why every bank should start using conversational banking now.

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PSD2 is here – so what now?

After the implementation of PSD2, many European banks are asking themselves: What next? Due to the still relatively small number of certified third-party providers, it is quite possible that the implemented PSD2 platform will remain unused. To change this, banks need to be proactive and drive the use of the implemented APIs.

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Data protection in open banking

With the advance of open banking, the issue of data protection is also becoming increasingly important: banks and their customers are often concerned that sensitive data could fall into the wrong hands. It is therefore important to understand how current open banking and PSD2 systems work and how they ensure that bank customers retain full control over their financial data.

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Mobile banking with new smartphone – log of an odyssey

Since my current smartphone shows clear signs of age, I bought the latest model of a well-known manufacturer from Cupertino. Thanks to modern technology the setup went smoothly and I enjoyed my new gadget. Everything was great – until the activation of my mobile banking apps threw me into a deep crisis.

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