Identification has never been so easy!

This spring we presented ubiID, an innovative application for simple but secure digital identification. In the meantime, a lot has happened: ubiID has a new look and offers an even better user experience. To digitally identify yourself has never been that easy!

User experience without compromises

March 2020: The COVID 19 pandemic has Switzerland under control. All unnecessary contacts must be avoided, many shops and even bank branches remain closed. At ubitec we took this situation as an opportunity to give extra effort and push forward the product launch of ubiID. Meanwhile a several months have passed, the lockdown is over. Nevertheless, the demand for digital identification is higher than ever before. Based on the feedback from our customers and the experiences from the identifications carried out so far, we have now revised the appearance of ubiID. On the one hand, the application now offers an even better user experience while staying as straightforward as before. On the other hand, the new user interface can easily be adapted to different corporate designs. If your company would like to use ubiID, ubitec will adapt the colours, fonts and texts for you. This means there is no disturbing interruption of the user experience while your customers identify themselves digitally.

New levels, more possibilities

However, not only the appearance has changed a lot. It is now possible to purchase ubiID at different security levels: medium, substantial, high and high+. These versions differ in several aspects, also in the services included. ubiID medium provides the fundamentals and includes an ID card scan, security checks and data extraction. These functions are also included in all other versions of ubiID and are enhanced with additional services depending on the security level: selfie video, biometric comparison, liveness detection and internal or external asynchronous verification. Another important difference is the respective Level of Assurance (LoA) according to the eIDAS regulation. The different security levels of ubiID correspond to different levels of assurance and therefore meet different regulatory requirements. Accordingly, the different security levels of ubiID are suitable for different scenarios and types of digital identification.

Digital identification for everyone

But why do we offer different product variations? For your company budget! Of course ubiID high+ provides the highest level of security and the largest range of functions. But you don’t buy a tractor to dig up your flower bed. Not all companies require digital identification according to AMLA standards. An online casino only needs a photo of the new client’s identity card for registration and meets these requirements accordingly using ubiID medium. And this level of security is also completely sufficient to open a pillar 3a account. The situation is different when opening a classic bank account: In this case the rules for online identification according to FINMA Circular 2016/7 apply, which require the security level of ubiID substantial. Companies choosing ubiID therefore always receive a tailored solution to meet their needs and avoid unnecessary additional costs. After all, our goal is to make digital identification accessible to a broad mass and thus establish it as part of our everyday life. As you know: we create the new normal!