More than 90% of the swiss population cannot imagine a life without messenger applications. However, numerous companies still neglect this way of communication in their daily businesses. Nevertheless, chats are a strong means to strengthen a digital strategy, the more customized the better. ubichat is not only a solution covering your needs but guides your client along the customer lifecycle without media disruption. By doing so, it encorporates features like an infochannel and mass mailing, always keeping in mind that the end-user is fascinated by a simple, smooth and intuitive user flow.

open APIs

open APIs combined with a smart way to integrate withexisting third party systems, will be game-changing.


customer inquiries can easily be structured and automatized as use cases


can be used on any platform, like websites or mobile applications

flexible composition

both applications are designed to operate stand-alone and can be additionally boosted by further automatizing features


ubichat‘s security standards correspond to the requirements of your company


ubichat can be maintained on premise or cloud-based. For both approaches, a maximum possible level of security is ensured.

customized design

The user interface of the application is white-labeled and can be individually adjusted to any corporate design or needs.

approved by clients

ubichat has been successfully launched at several companies already

be live

real-time communication – anytime, whenever there is a customer‘s need

easy login

secure data exchange and dialogue handling thanks to easy login via mTAN


compatible with websites or mobile applications

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