Thorough the entire customer life cycle, the identification of customers is a central element for financial service providers and insurance companies. Onboarding new clients, service adjustments or support requests are only some of the possible identification points. However, due to their professional or private obligations, customers today find it difficult to meet in person during normal business hours.

It requires alternatives to direct contact, which at the same time guarantee data protection, meet all regulatory requirements and are still user-friendly. Modern technologies as used in ubiID allow customers to digitally identify in a simple and secure way. This is the new normal of digital identification.

benefits for your clients

benefits for your business


Your customer can use the identification at any time - even on evenings and weekends.

No Waiting

Your customer will be identified in no more than 60 seconds. There's no need to wait for an available call center agent.


Comparing other methods, the price per identification is significantly cheaper.


Automatic comparison of the person’s facial biometrics and the image on their ID including liveness detection. Recognizing official ID documents of 150 countries.

Legal Compliance

Complies with the most demanding standards in personal identification: anti-money laundering (AML) and eIDAS.

Ready to Use

As Software-as-a-Service, ubiID is immediately available in the cloud. The solution complies with the current data protection laws in Switzerland and the EU.


Your customers are instructed (e.g. via homepage, e-mail or QR code) to start the identification process.


First, they are asked to provide all information necessary for identification.


Depending on the security level, your customers will now be asked to verify their mobile number.


The ID card scan will begin immediately. First of all the correct handling is pointed out.


Now the request appears to hold the front side of the ID card into the camera.


Afterwards, the back of the document must be scanned.


Finally, the face of the person to be identified is recorded. Done!

After your customers successfully identified themselves, the collected data must be verified according to the chosen security level. This is done either by specially trained employees of your company or is outsourced to external agents. Using a checklist of simple questions, the data entered, the scanned documents and the recorded video sequence are checked and the risk of fraud is further minimized. After verification, all documents are available via API to be processed and archived according to your corporate policies and legal requirements.

Encryption according to current state-of-the-art is provided.

Use the logo, colors and favicon of your corporate identity.

Including the mobile phone number allows to issue a qualified electronic signature (QES).

Recognizing official ID documents of more than 150 countries.

Verifies that the ID document corresponds with the expected type.

Detects distinctive visual features (badges, patterns, …).

Detects document spoofing via black-and-white photocopies.

Verifies the correspondence between the sides of the document.

Captures and extracts data in real-time, improving trust and user experience.

Verifies the integrity of the Machine Readable Zone.

Verifies that the ID document has not expired.

Controls external variables such as: lighting conditions, camera and network quality.

Checks that the person is alive during ID process.

Performs an automatic biometric scoring between person face and ID card photograph.



use case

register for pillar 3a, guided onboarding



use case

online identification



use case

autoidentification according to eIDAS/AML5, qualified electronic signature



use case

autoidentification according to eIDAS/AML5, qualified electronic signature

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