15 minutes to an online mortgage

The real estate market is booming and the demand for financing solutions is correspondingly high. Baloise Bank SoBa is also feeling the effects of this. To ensure that it continues to reach the widest possible audience with its online mortgage, it has expanded it with the help of ubitec. Interested parties can now take out a mortgage with up to 80% loan-to-value ratio at home on the computer in just 15 minutes.

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The challenge

Unnecessary restrictions

Taking out a mortgage from A to Z online is an attractive offer, not only in times of the corona virus. This is why Baloise Bank SoBa launched an online mortgage some time ago. This tool makes it possible to take out a new mortgage or transfer an existing one from another financial institution to SoBa in just a few steps. Up to now, customers have been able to take out financing with a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 65% of the purchase price. At today’s real estate prices, however, this is only possible for a minority of those willing to buy. In order not to restrict the group of potential customers unnecessarily, the SoBa’s online mortgage had to be adapted in such a way that a loan-to-value ratio of up to 80%, the maximum customary in the market, is also possible.
Despite initial uncertainty about the complexity of the amortization process, we have worked with ubitec to achieve optimal user behavior. We see a higher lead generation after only a few weeks of live activation!
Morris Hammel
Product Manager at Baloise Bank SoBa

The solution

Continuously optimized user experience

Although the task sounds simple, it presents a central challenge: From 65% loan-to-value, the law requires that the excess amount be amortized within a certain period of time, which varies according to age. So an additional step had to be added to the process. At the same time, the conclusion of an online mortgage should continue to be quick and easy. For this reason, ubitec deliberately integrated amortization in a playful manner: After the customer has answered questions about his or her finances and the desired product, the tool automatically suggests the two best options for amortizing the remaining amount. Accordingly, the calculations also take into account the transition to retirement age and other changes in financial circumstances. This close-meshed user guidance ensures an optimal user experience and avoids ambiguities. If questions should still arise during the process, customers can arrange a consultation at any time with just a few clicks. But this is not the only measure to keep the bounce rate low. The integration of Google Analytics allows the SoBa to evaluate the online mortgage on an ongoing basis, to identify sticking points in the user journey and to resolve them accordingly.

The result

Everyone wins

All in all, the expanded online mortgage is convincing due to its wide range of functions, both on the customer and bank side. Customers are now better guided through the process and have the opportunity to provide more precise information on the form of their liquid assets. This allows more precise calculations. At the same time, the integrated applications facilitate the bank’s work: IAZI provides data on the value of a property, Google Analytics shows user behavior in the process, and EpiServer allows interested parties to be automatically included in the target group of certain marketing campaigns. Thus ubitec and Baloise Bank SoBa have created a tool with the expanded online mortgage that benefits all parties involved.